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5 to 7 minutes each caricature or sketch.

Sit to pose for a few minutes, or just for a quick reference photo.

Caricatures or Sketches: from £20 each

Posters and portraits: £400 to £5,000

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Mary Saxe-Falstein


Your life is defined by your Passions: the people and places, interests and occasions that you love and want to celebrate.

So it’s a lifelong quest to find original ways to express your love and appreciation, and to create special memories of your relationships and times together.

I can help you with that.  

You can book me to draw caricatures or sketches of you and your guests/colleagues for a special event - as individuals or a group - for brilliant entertainment and mementos of the occasion.

Or if you wish you can commission an original portrait painting or sculpture. (And then if you host an Unveiling Party - ask me to draw your guests!)

You always get a superb likeness, capturing the very essence of each personality in an evocative image.

Which will you choose: a bold digital caricature, elegant pen sketch or striking poster? A charming watercolour, prestigious oil, or even a dramatic bronze? They all make a perfect gift - personal, thoughtful and original.

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